Truck Accidents

Because of their enormous size and weight, trucks can be damaging or deadly when they are involved in a collision. Currently there are over 15.5 million trucks in the United States. Thirteen percent of these are semis, big rigs, 18-wheelers, and tractor trailers. According to, the legal weight for an 18 wheeler in the United States is 80,000 lbs. (40 tons). Compared with a car in the United States which has an average weight of 5,000 lbs. it is easy to see the dangers of car-truck collisions.

Truck Accident Statistics

  • In 2015, 3,852 people died in large truck accidents
  •  Over 2/3 of the victims were occupants of cars or other smaller vehicles
  •  Annually, approximately 130,000 individuals are injured in truck accidents
  •  Roughly 98% of semi accidents result in one fatality


According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Loss Data Institute (IIHSHLDI), two of the major causes of truck accidents are truck breaking capability and truck driver fatigue. Loaded tractor trailers for example take 20-40 times longer to come to halt than a car. Less than ideal road conditions or poor break maintenance can make it even more difficult for a large truck to stop in time. Truck drivers are known to work long hours traveling great distances. Because of the amount of driving time truckers log, driver fatigue is a serious issue. Driver fatigue is responsible for approximately 30% of all commercial truck accidents. Federal hours-of-service regulations only allow truck drivers to drive 11 hours per stretch and 77 hours per 7 day week, however driver surveys show that often times these regulations go unfollowed.

Who to Call

If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident, or lost a loved one due to a truck accident it is important to seek experienced legal representation. Truck accidents have many legal complexities and the right attorneys can help you navigate a truck accident claim. The  car accident attorneys at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Purtz, and Rice have over 50 years in legal expertise. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation. Justice Starts Now.

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