Personal Injury Lawyers Fort Myers

24Jun 2016

Slip & Fall Attorney Cape Coral If you’ve suffered serious injury by slipping or falling or other mishap on someone else’s property due to negligent maintenance or unsafe conditions, you may have a premises liability case. Property owners, occupiers and business owners have the duty to exercise reasonable care to prevent injuries to persons on […]

01Mar 2016

Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes Most people are aware of the negative effects that tobacco cigarettes can have to their health.  In efforts to try and quit the bad habit, some people have turned to the use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes.  These devices consist of a battery, heating device and liquid solution which contains nicotine […]

01Feb 2016

Hoverboard Accidents One of the popular gifts this past holiday season was the hoverboard.  The hoverboard is a two-wheeled, self-balancing motorized scooter.  It is similar to the Segway but the Segway is equipped with a handle and the hoverboard is not.  These motorized balance boards appear to be fun but unfortunately, there have been a […]

07Aug 2015

As NBC-2 explains, attractive nuisances is a legal term that refers to potential hazards to children on your property. These hazards include swimming pools, trampolines, swing sets, ladders, old cars, dogs, construction waste, old appliances, etc. In Florida, property owners are required to take reasonable steps to keep these hazardous conditions from children. Otherwise, should […]

23Jul 2015

Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz, P.A., has been recognized as a 2015 Florida Excellence Award recipient by the US Commerce & Trade Research Institute (USCTRI). Every year, a survey on various categories to determine which businesses meet and exceed industry benchmarks is commissioned by the USCTRI. A panel of industry executives and consultants oversees […]

09Apr 2015

In 1980, Mrs. Cassisi purchased a Maytag clothes dryer.  Nineteen months later, the dryer caught fire and burned down her house.  Mrs. Cassisi instituted a product claim against Maytag and the appliance store where the dryer was purchased.   She hired an expert who testified at trial that the fire originated inside the dryer but, because […]

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